The Carrington Effect

Argent Jaeger Press

Andrew B. Dill

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Character List

Character list, in family or organizational order (parents first, relationships and professions where applicable):

Angus Gunn- Family Physician, former USAF
Gwenn Gunn- Home-maker, Angus' wife
kids: Katherine "Kate" Gunn- Tessa Washington's best friend
Joshua Gunn

Margaret Gunn- Retired Teacher, Angus' mother

Matt Mackenzie- Family Physician, former US Navy
Beth Mackenzie- Pediatrician, Matt's wife
kids: Madison Mackenzie, Kimberly Mackenzie, Sean Mackenzie

Carlos Corpuz- Pulmonologist, from The Philippines
Cecelia Corpuz- Home-maker Carlos' wife
kids: Rafael Corpuz, Roberto Corpuz

John Calvin- Undertaker, former USAF
Denise Calvin- Executive Banker, John's wife
kids: Hailey Calvin, Luke Calvin, Stacy Calvin

Darryl Washington- Finance Manager, former USAF
Simone Washington- Home-maker, Darryl's wife
kids: Susane Washington- disabled
Tessa Washington- Kate Gunn's best friend

Jesse Washington-Darryl's middle child, Martial Arts Instructor
Samantha Washington- Home-maker, Jesse's wife
baby: Julia Washington
Cleo Johnson- Jesse's best friend

Scott Rees- Park Ranger
Stephanie Rees- Teacher, Scott's wife
daughter: Erin Rees

Justin Clearwater- Gallatin Police Officer, EMT, ER Tech
Francesca Clearwater Schultz- Nurse, Justin's sister

Lucien Tulley- Electrophysiology Technician, owner of Tulley Farm
Abigail Tulley- Lucien's wife
kids: Samuel "Sam" Tulley, Evi Tulley, Donovan Tulley, Sean Tulley

Grace Winifred, Josh Winifred (siblings)

Doug McKnight- computer engineer
Anastasia McKnight- Teacher, Doug's wife
kids: Eliza McKnight, Chet McKnight, Stella McKnight

Samuel "Sam" Wallace- Nurse, owner of cattle ranch
Carolyn Wallace- Home-maker, Sam's wife
adult kids:
Trey Wallace- Gun salesman, former USAF
Jessica Wallace- Secretary, ex-wife of Jim Summers

Jim Summers- recovering alcoholic, Construction Worker, ex-husband of Jessica Wallace

Janet "Pirelli" Bledsoe- Medical Technician for Dr. Gunn
Thomas Bledsoe- Construction Worker, Pirelli's husband
kids: Sophie Bledsoe, James Bledsoe

Chloe Pearl- Nurse for Dr. Gunn
grandkids: Mattie Smith, Rebecca Smith

Edward "Ed" Douglass- Probation Officer

Issac Ferguson Davis- Accountant, student of the gun
Issac's team:
Jack Sutherland- Corporate Lawyer
Harold "Judge" Simpson- County Judge
Clay Masterson- A.C. Repairman
Jonathan Burke- Truck Driver
Eli Smith- History Professor
Nathan Ford- Vanderbilt EMT
Luke Dodson- Factory Machinist, former US Army Sniper

Trey Nellis- Gallatin Mechanic
Charlie Blake- General Surgeon
Mitchell O'Shaughnessy- Podiatrist